Resource Your Self

I invite you to take action now and use this moment to begin your healing. The following soothing techniques can start your journey toward self regulation and a new beginning.

Offering #1 Take Five: a simple meditation technique.

Sit quietly for a moment. Feel your feet on the floor and your body in the chair.

Switch your attention to noticing your breath.

Breath normally, paying attention to the feeling of the breath as it fills your lungs and then flows up and back out the way it came.

Notice when you lose awareness of the breath and start thinking about something else, daydreaming, worrying or snoozing.

Gently bring your attention back to the breath , “Start Again” back to the breath.

Return your awareness slowly to the screen and present moment.

“at the center of your being you know who you are and you know what you want”

Offering # 2 Resource Your Self

You may already resource yourself by taking a few moments of quiet time or thinking about being grateful for what is present in your life today.

Other ways to resource your body include;

Placing a hand on your heart and a hand just below your belly button.

Feel the warmth of your hand on your chest, feel the beating of your heart.

Notice Your breath inhaling and exhaling.

Bring your attention back to the core of your being .

Feel Centered and Embodied