Marriage Family Therapist, Coach and Educator

Windy DiPietro, LMFT

Windy DiPietro, LMFT

Like most young adults...

I began searching for meaning and purpose. Little did I know that my family of origin was preparing me for my future work with humanity. Finding my way was like walking through fire.  To make sense of my life, my curiosity for the spiritual arose and motivated me. I began to study Transpersonal Therapy, Vipassina and Theravedic meditation practices as well as any other sacred studies I came across.

Through life’s trials I have become a welcoming, nonjudgmental presence ready to assist you in your self discovery.

For over 25 years I have been in service to my community. I have worked in human service fields including Community Assistance in Assault and Rape Emergency, Mendocino County Youth Project, County Mental Health, Hospice and Community Recovery Resources where I served as supervising lead therapist in the dual diagnosis inpatient care facility.

Since receiving my Marriage and Family License in 1997, I have always owned and operated a compassionate and nurturing private counseling practice in Grass Valley, California.

It is important to me to continue to give back as we are all interdependent in nature.

I have a trunk full of tools to serve you. Some of the many trainings which have influenced my Mindful Somatic and Energy based approach include Hakomi: Developmental Trauma, Recreation of the Self, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, EMDR and Equine Therapy. These healing modalities have shaped the way I approach life, therapy and my personal healing practice.

I have been blessed to have stewardship for two Rescue horses Willie and Sugar; who act as my co-therapists at times. As beings of prey on earth, horses help to inform us of our own fight, flight or freeze responses to stress and assist in the understanding of neurobiology. In their presence we learn how to manage our stress response.

How I Work

I believe we all have the ability to heal the wounds of our past and change the the learned conditioning that keeps our mindsets in frozen unproductive places. I will help you connect with the sacred inside of you. The part that still holds your highest self, joy, beauty and hope for a better world.

With curiosity and careful attention, we bring mindful awareness to small experiments which help to unravel limiting habitual patterns, reveal hidden core beliefs and study body structures that shape our lives, relationships and self-images.

Some of my specializations include working with individual adults suffering from PTSD and other forms of trauma.

I assist in the healing of adult children of alcoholics and the families of the addicted person.  I work with individuals who have suffered childhood abuse heal their wounds and create appropriate boundaries. I also work with individuals and couples to heal relationship concerns including grief and loss and betrayal.

What my clients say...

Windy DiPietro was awarded Runner-Up to 1st place by Nevada County readers of the Union Newspapers.

“Windy is a deeply sensitive and intelligent guide through life’s challenges.” — Cynthia Wall LCSW

“Windy is one of those unknown enlightened ones.” — Client

"I refer people all the time. She is best Nevada County has to offer in my humble opinion." - Christina Brandon-Frye

"Windy is the best Therapist in this area! Love her." - Doris Royer

"I have been working with Windy for quite some time.  I started with her to follow up on some issues I was having at work that led to much deeper issues which I had previously scratched the surface, but never fully dealt with.  She has been patient with me, and has kept bringing me back to my truth and patterns and responsibility for my life and experience.  She holds space for her clients in a way that is calming and assertive, and she knows what questions to ask to dig a little deeper, and when to back off.  She has the balance of heart and mind and spirit and body that is required for full recovery, and meets people where they are then brings them to a place that they are willing to look at themselves instead of the world around them."  -  Adela Wilcox, G.V,

"Windy is amazing.  She has fabulous and powerful energy.  Upon entering her office - which really feels much more like a sanctuary - I feel peaceful, immersed in a higher dimensional vibration of healing before we even start talking.  Words are rather limiting; experiencing her many gifts “live and in person” is the best way." -  Melonnee Desiree, Sacramento


Windy holds a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco and is a Marriage and Family Therapist, License #34473